The impact LW Developments makes in the community goes far beyond bricks and mortar.

Creating a legacy from its buildings is just one way the business works to create lasting positive change.

Our directors are also the owners of Cheshunt Football Club, with Dean Williamson its chairman, playing an active role in fostering community engagement from the grassroots up.

At the core of LW Developments’ social strategy is the belief in the power of bringing people together.

Through its partnership with Cheshunt, the business has been instrumental in providing a platform for young people and adults to engage in healthy, team-building activities. The football club serves as a hub for individuals of all ages to come together, building a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Cheshunt is an award-winning community club with more than 600 playing members across over 30 teams, ranging from the senior teams through to boys’ and girls’ sides, as well as disability and walking football teams.

Dean says: “LW Developments understands the importance of inclusivity in community development. Our partnership with the club enables us to be actively involved in supporting those around us. It isn’t just about football, but that is clearly a part of it. We want to be able to give something back in a meaningful way.”

Through the club, LW Developments is able to support the delivery of a number of football, education and social awareness programmes, alongside community events and work experience placements.

Cheshunt Football Club has created a partnership with the NHS, Herts MIND and Herts Samaritans to ensure everyone within the club has a positive understanding of the issues of good mental health and well-being.

The club also works closely with the NHS to encourage GPs in the area to refer patients who could benefit from playing or watching a game, to provide them with a positive experience if they are suffering with depression or anxiety.

The scheme has been praised by Broxbourne MP Charles Walker who said: “Cheshunt FC’s community mental health initiative is a fantastic example of how a local football club can be at the centre of both mental and physical health. It has been so rewarding to see the idea get off the ground and watch it make a difference to people who need an ‘arm around them’ and a place to belong.”

Cheshunt has also joined the growing number of football clubs, from Premiership Liverpool to non-league outfits, to be part of the Fans Supporting Food Banks initiative.

“It is a privilege as part of a business in the heart of the community to be involved in a club that does so much to help so many people. We are beyond proud to have the name LW Developments associated with the Ambers.”

Dean Williamson

Dean Williamson MRICS