Buying and building: the art of land acquisition

Developments are nothing without the soil upon which they’re built, and for that reason land acquisition has been an essential part of how we have operated for more than 40 years. This is one of the most pivotal and nuanced aspects of what we do, because it’s not just about buying a plot; it’s a … Continued

Smart cities: the future of urban development

Films such as Blade Runner predicted 21st-century cities full of flying cars and towering neon advertisements, but the real changes from before the millennium relate to the use of data, analytics and other technologies less obviously visible in our day-to-day lives. No fiction of the last century predicted anything like our modern smartphones, which would … Continued

The importance of community engagement in development projects

New construction developments promise innovation, growth and progress, shaping the future of our towns and cities. But, amid the concrete and steel, it is important not to overlook the value of community engagement. In recent years, the importance of involving residents and businesses in the planning and execution of construction projects has become increasingly recognised. … Continued

The future of residential developments

The landscape of residential developments is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by innovative trends and technologies that are reshaping the way we conceive, design and inhabit homes. From sustainable construction practices to smart home automation, the future of residential living is evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of homeowners. Notable trends and technologies … Continued

Building tomorrow – creating sustainable communities

In an era marked by climate change and an ever-increasing awareness of environmental issues, sustainability has become a guiding principle for industries worldwide. As a property developer, we have responsibility to contribute to a greener future. When looking to create a more environmentally conscious tomorrow, there are key considerations. Location and design: laying the foundation … Continued

Pitching in to build community links

The impact LW Developments makes in the community goes far beyond bricks and mortar. Creating a legacy from its buildings is just one way the business works to create lasting positive change. Our directors are also the owners of Cheshunt Football Club, with Dean Williamson its chairman, playing an active role in fostering community engagement … Continued

The economic benefits of development

LW Developments has been in the business for more than 40 years, witnessing first-hand how development can bring enduring prosperity to an area. While improving the quality of life for a community, development also fosters prosperity and Gross Value Added (GVA) on a much broader scale. Here we look at just some of the benefits … Continued

The rise of co-living: A rental revolution?

The term ‘co-living’ is becoming a bit of a buzzword in rental circles.   For some it may invoke thoughts of hippy communes in the 60s, or hazy memories of student digs. But in recent years, the appeal for shared living with communal areas and facilities is reaching a much wider demographic.  According to Savills, there … Continued

Meet the Team – Denise Tarpey

Behind every smooth-running team is a great office manager, bringing organisation, sound problem-solving skills and a sense of calm to the workplace.  At LW Developments, our office manager Denise Tarpey is an invaluable asset. A master of co-ordination and a source of endless support, she is also a mum of two, somehow juggling all her … Continued

The political solutions to the housing crisis

As the housing crisis continues to intensify, it’s no surprise to see the issue rising up the political agenda. Interest rate hikes have led to soaring repayments for homeowners, with experts predicting a mortgage ‘timebomb’ as many fixed rate deals come to an end. Rents, meanwhile, are at their highest on record and reportedly account … Continued