Location: Winston Farm Road, Hoe Lane, Nazeing

The proposed development represents an opportunity to re-locate the existing employment to a modern, purpose built scheme in a better location within Nazeing, and redevelop the existing buildings to provide residential homes in what has become a residential environment.

The Site

The site is situated to the east of Lower Nazeing at the end of a private road which connects due south from Hoe Lane. It comprises two large commercial buildings and associated hard surfaced areas. The main building to the east was converted from agricultural use in 2004 and has been extended over time.

The private access road has developed into a residential environment through various planning consents over the past 5 to 10 years. A development of six residential dwellings is the latest scheme along this road to be nearing completion on the adjoining land at Burleigh Nursery.

Site Allocation

The site lies within the Green Belt and the western parcel of land falls within the Conservation Area. The western parcel of land though is allocated for employment in Epping Forest’s emerging local plan under policy NAZE.E7 (Land at Winston Farm) in conjunction with the land at Burleigh Nursery to the north.


The proposal seeks the removal of the existing buildings and the creation of a high quality residential scheme set within newly planted landscaped areas, with suds and drainage within the site. Thirteen new family houses are proposed, which will be set within the footprint and hardstanding areas of the existing buildings. The current employment on site will be protected and re-provided in a new, purpose built commercial scheme on Green Lane in Nazeing.

At this stage we are seeking advice from the Local Planning Authority on an outline application for a residential scheme, with all matters reserved except for access. Although the proposals are outline at present, the scheme will comprise a mix of three and four bed houses, with the design and layout to reflect an agricultural setting.

Land Use

In Green Belt terms the proposals would represent a re-development of brownfield land with the Green Belt, with a significant reduction in both footprint and volume in comparison to the existing situation. The removal of two large utilitarian buildings would also improve the character and appearance of the Green Belt and Conservation Area, as well as removing noise generating commercial uses and HGV movements in what is now a predominantly residential area.

The western parcel of land is allocated for employment use in NAZE.E7 of the emerging local plan. However, half of this allocation has now been developed for residential dwellings on the aforementioned land at Burleigh Nursery. The remaining use of the site on the eastern parcel is currently in commercial use, developed over time from a former agricultural building. Our proposals seek to protect this employment use (including that part under NAZE.E7) by relocating it to modern, purpose-built units in a more suitable location on Green Lane in Nazeing. The policy compliant level of five affordable dwellings that the proposals require will also be located at the new scheme on Green Lane.

Transport and Access

The sustainability and accessibility of the site is accepted by the local authority for residential development, given the recent planning permissions along the private access road. Improvements to this private road are also proposed within our scheme.

The significant reduction in the units proposed (13 compared to the previous application of 32) will also result in less traffic movements than the existing commercial use.

Detailed highways drawings will be provided as part of the planning application to demonstrate that the scheme is acceptable in highways terms. Sufficient parking will also be provided in accordance with Epping Forest’s adopted Parking Standards.


The emerging local plan requires that development proposals respond positively to the landscape character of a site and its wider context. There is ample opportunity within the site to significantly enhance both flora and fauna and enhance the biodiversity offerings to the local area, as well as enhance the existing landscape character. A landscape masterplan will accompany a future planning application.

Flood Risk

A small section of the site is located within Flood Zones 2 and 3. The proposed scheme ensures that development is not proposed within these zones, and a suitable SuDs and land drainage system will be provided.

Other Matters

At this stage we are seeking advice on an outline application with all matters reserved apart from access. In due course the detailed design will need to be assessed in terms of design quality, external materials, noise, residential amenity, waste and recycling facilities, surface water drainage arrangements, on site management, and reuse of water, low carbon and renewable energy measures.

The application will also be accompanied by heads of terms outlining proportionate contributions towards primary school expansion, highways and junctions upgrades, local utility upgrades and the improvements of open spaces in the local area.


The principle of the redevelopment of previously developed land in the Green Belt is supported by national planning policy. The provision of high quality family homes is in keeping with the residential environment now established along the private access road, while the existing employment use on site will be protected by re-locating to a modern, purpose built employment scheme in a more suitable location in Nazeing.

The proposals will deliver a suite of public benefits for the local community, which include:

• The retention of employment currently at Middlebrook in modern, better located, purpose built units on Green Lane, Nazeing;

• Much needed new market housing;

• Delivery of a policy compliant level of affordable housing;

• Green Belt improvements to the site and improvements to the access road;

• Reduced traffic movements along Hoe Lane;

• Enhancements to biodiversity and ecology habitat across the site;

• Significant new soft landscaping and tree planting throughout the site;

• Significant boost to local jobs and the economy through better employment provision and construction;

• Wider socio-economic and environmental benefits through the delivery of a sustainable new development.