At LW Developments, we pride ourselves on building relationships, not just homes. Our people are important to us as they are the lifeblood of our family business.

We thought we would kick off 2023 by introducing you to some of our key people. This month, we have been talking to Director Glenn Williamson.

When did you start working at LW Developments?

I came to LW Developments in January 2009, so 14 years ago now. I did many things before coming here. I was a professional footballer until being forced to retire, an estate agent and the only other career I would choose over property, stockbroker.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The constant realisation of our visions turning into reality.

What’s the best bit of about your job?

Every day is different with a new challenge to overcome and, no matter how big or small, a sense of achievement is always present at the end of the day.  Once a project has completed and you can stand back and see the finished development you have a real sense of pride that you were part of creating this.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

In life it is one hundred per cent marrying my wife and the birth of our children, but at work I would say my first ‘major project’ when we converted The Media Centre in Hertford from an old toothbrush factory/newspaper office into 14 stunning apartments in an art deco style.

What skills did you develop/were you able to bring to the role?

The biggest skills I would say from my previous careers are hard work from my football days, along with people, listening and communication skills from the other roles.

How do you think more young people could be brought into the industry?

Construction as a whole has many pathways with the numerous apprentice schemes that are available. Developing itself I would say is somewhat harder. I was fortunate enough to be able to go into a family business with vast experience and a very good teacher. If I were young and starting from scratch I would begin with trying to source sites and network.

What challenges lie ahead in the next 12 months? And how can LW Developments tackle them?

Everyone knows the rise in interest rates has had an effect on the market as people feel the pain of increased mortgage payments. I do not envisage this coming down just yet but can see it lowering by the end of the year. That said, if you have a desirable product in the right location – and we believe that we have both at present – although the sales may slow down, they will still be there as there are always buyers.

And finally, if you could host a dinner party, which three guests (living or dead) would you invite?

I am genuinely unable to answer this question! I am sure I have said many a time ‘oh, I’d love to have a beer with him’, but when asked to actually sit and think, I cannot say who this would be.

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Dean Williamson

Dean Williamson MRICS