Pitching in to build community links

The impact LW Developments makes in the community goes far beyond bricks and mortar. Creating a legacy from its buildings is just one way the business works to create lasting positive change. Our directors are also the owners of Cheshunt Football Club, with Dean Williamson its chairman, playing an active role in fostering community engagement … Continued

The economic benefits of development

LW Developments has been in the business for more than 40 years, witnessing first-hand how development can bring enduring prosperity to an area. While improving the quality of life for a community, development also fosters prosperity and Gross Value Added (GVA) on a much broader scale. Here we look at just some of the benefits … Continued

The rise of co-living: A rental revolution?

The term ‘co-living’ is becoming a bit of a buzzword in rental circles.   For some it may invoke thoughts of hippy communes in the 60s, or hazy memories of student digs. But in recent years, the appeal for shared living with communal areas and facilities is reaching a much wider demographic.  According to Savills, there … Continued

Meet the Team – Denise Tarpey

Behind every smooth-running team is a great office manager, bringing organisation, sound problem-solving skills and a sense of calm to the workplace.  At LW Developments, our office manager Denise Tarpey is an invaluable asset. A master of co-ordination and a source of endless support, she is also a mum of two, somehow juggling all her … Continued

The political solutions to the housing crisis

As the housing crisis continues to intensify, it’s no surprise to see the issue rising up the political agenda. Interest rate hikes have led to soaring repayments for homeowners, with experts predicting a mortgage ‘timebomb’ as many fixed rate deals come to an end. Rents, meanwhile, are at their highest on record and reportedly account … Continued

Sustainability is watchword for future developments

Sustainable design in property development is gaining significant momentum in the UK, as more developers recognise the long-term benefits it offers. By integrating environmentally conscious practices into the design, construction and operation of buildings, sustainable design aims to minimise the negative impact on the environment while maximising economic and social benefits. Environmental benefits Sustainable design … Continued

The benefits of buying a new-build home

The UK housing market has witnessed a significant surge in the demand for new-build properties in recent years. As more homebuyers are drawn to the allure of modern living, the advantages of choosing a new-build home over a period property have become increasingly evident. But what are the key benefits that new-build homes offer? Contemporary … Continued

What can we expect from the new Housing Minister?

When Rachel Maclean became the new Housing Minister earlier this year, it prompted a lot of dissension as she was the sixth person in a year to have held the role. While the previous incumbents of the position have barely had time to let the ink dry on their contract, it is hoped that Ms … Continued

Six-step guide to the basics of land development

Moving into a newly built home is a dream for many. Getting to that stage, though, is no easy task and is the culmination of months, even years, of hard work and great planning. From finding a suitable site for development to handing over the keys on a finished home takes a good deal of … Continued

Meet the team – Glenn Williamson

At LW Developments, we pride ourselves on building relationships, not just homes. Our people are important to us as they are the lifeblood of our family business. We thought we would kick off 2023 by introducing you to some of our key people. This month, we have been talking to Director Glenn Williamson. When did … Continued